Master Swim

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The Greatest Wealth is Health

Master Swim provides organized workouts for competitive and non-competitive adult
swimmers. To participate, all you need is a basic freestyle stroke and a willingness
to get wet. We will help you from there. If you are already an accomplished
swimmer, we will help you continue to improve your overall form and fitness!
See the membership office for details and how to sign up.

Reasons to Master Swim

Improve your overall fitness | Improve your form
Learn a new stroke | Train for an event or a competition
Mix up your regular routine | Swimming makes for great cross-training!


Each class is one hour with distances ranging from 2000-3000 meters.

Stroke (butterfly, backstroke, breaststroke)
Equipment (pull buoys, paddles, kickboards)
M/W/F 6:00am - 7:00am Instructor: Wendy/Robert/Tony
T/Th 6:00pm - 7:00pm Instructor: Wendy Mader
(Instructor Bios below)


Competitions for swimmers are offered through Colorado Masters Swimming
and United States Masters Swim



Wendy Mader

Whether your goals include getting off the couch, learning to swim, improving
your swim technique, finishing your first triathlon or competing at the Ironman,
I will educate and guide you towards health and fitness. Slow steady progression
and consistency through personalized fitness programs will get you where you
want to go. To learn more about Wendy and the personal training programs she
offers, visit:


  • MS, USAT Level II, ACE Winner, 2008 Kona Ironman, 1st Overall Amateur
  • Co-founder of t2coaching
  • Co-founder of Team Trifecta
  • Collegiate Swimming
  • Triathlon Competition 16 years experience
  • Personal Trainer, 9 years