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Fitness Orientation

Our Fitness Staff is always here to help you find your way around the club.
All new and seasoned members, 12 years and older, can take advantage
of complimentary personal Fitness Orientation that includes:

Sign up at the Front Desk and please allow approximately 1 hour - Come equipped to workout!

Please email your Fitness questions to our Fitness Director Tad Sandoval at

Find your Fitness Personality

Make the mind/body connection with Life Traits - the interactive quiz
for personal fitness motivation. Take the Life Traits Quiz Now!

Improve your workout with recommendations based on your personal workout style.

Learn about your individual workout style and receive a free fitness analysis!

Tour the club to map out your personal motivations and goals.

Body Composition Measuring

Regularly measuring your Body Composition is a great way to track your fitness. A Fitness
Staff member will conduct three different measurements to help you understand
your physical makeup. These complimentary measurements include a:


Body Mass Index
Multi-site Girth Measurement
Skin Fold Test


Sign up at the Front Desk and allow approximately 30 minutes. Wear shorts and a T-shirt.

Fitness Assessment

A member of the FCC Fitness Staff will conduct a standardized Fitness Assessment
to evaluate your physical strengths and weaknesses. This complimentary
review will allow you to create a workout tailored to your needs.

Components of the fitness assessment include:


Cardio Step Test
Basic Strength Test
Flexibility Sit and Reach Test
Core Abdominal Strength Test


*Note: Depending on needs, a Fitness Assessment may also include a Body Composition Measurement.

Sign up at the front desk and allow approximately 30 minutes - 1 hour –  Come equipped to work out!

Hydrostatic Weighing

Available the first Saturday of each month for a nominal charge, Hydrostatic Weighing is a great way to determine your body composition. Estimating weight on a standard scale does not always give an accurate measurement of body health. Since a high percentage of body fat can significantly affect health, hydrostatic weighing can be used to measure not in pounds but in body density. Hydrostatic weighing, also called underwater weighing, involves being weighed underwater. It is not a particularly complex form of weighing, but it does require one to be completely submerged in water during a portion of the test.

Sign up at the front desk –  Come equipped to get wet!

Upcoming FCC Programs

Build Your Own Triathlon  March 23rd - April 20th 

Building your Triathlon is easy!

The first step is to pick your 3 events that you wish to train for.
The choices are Swim, Bike, Run, Elliptical, Stairclimber, and Rows.

Once you have picked your 3 exercises, you need to pick which intensity you wish to train for.
There are two different levels of intensity, Sprint and Olympic.
If this is your first triathlon, we recommend going with the “Sprint” intensity.

Swim ½ Mile 1 Mile
Bike 13 Miles 25 Miles
Run 3 Miles 6 Miles
Rows 4000 Meters 8000 Meters
Elliptical 7500 Strides 15000 Strides
Stairclimber 3 Miles 6 Miles

Now you can start training for your triathlon! The training time allowed will last from March 23rd- April 20th. On April 20th – April 26th, you will need to show up to record your triathlon times. During that week, you can tell the front desk that you will be recording your “triathlon time.” We ask that you take a picture with a phone or write down your distance AND time (we will go with the honor system). The fastest times for each of the intensity levels will earn specific points, and rank them amongst the rest of the participants, which will help them win prizes!

Follow the training tips below to help guide you towards your goals.

You can keep track of your progress on the Triathlon log in the back of this page.


Sprint Triathlon - We recommend training for about 5-6 hours per week, doing two of each type of exercise per week.

Olympic Triathlon -- We recommend that you should be able to swim one mile, bike 40-50 miles, and be able to run/Stair climb 10 miles, row 10K meters,  and 20K strides (not back to back) before competition day.

*Tapering down a week prior to your triathlon date is the best way to get your body ready for optimal performance.

Women On Weights 2015 - February 23rd, 2015 - March 18th,2015 - WOW is an 8 week resistance training program. The program is taught by the FCC Fitness Staff ladies and is divided into four different lifting routines, providing you with a variety of new exercises! This class also has a few 'boot camp' nights to push you to your limit! This program is challenging and lots of fun!
Cost is $10.00 for the 8 wk. session, limit 15 people per session. Instructors: Wendy and Dara.

Dash Down the Pounds 2015  - An incentive program to encourage you! The Club's "Dash Down the Pounds" 8-week weight-loss program will help you achieve a healthier you by providing fitness, healthy recipes, and motivational support.

The top male and female that loses the highest percent body weight will split the cash pot. Each participant pays $10.00 to join the program and all of this money is put into the pot. There will be a prize every week (this will remain a surprise) for the duration of the challenge.The grand prize winner will receive even more, with one of the prizes being HALF of the cash pot.

This program began January 12th, and runs to March 9th, 2015. Participants must weigh-in either on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of each week during the duration of the program at the Front Desk or with a member of the Fitness Staff.